about patience

(WARNING!!! Spoilers Follow)

Supernatural is a television series that premiered in 2005 and has just finished it's 12th season! The series centers on the adventures of the Winchester brothers who hunt demons, witches, angels, and other supernatural entities. Sam (portrayed by Jared Padalecki) and Dean (portrayed by Jensen Ackles) face many big monsters and end of the world disasters.

Patience Turner, portrayed by Clark Backo, is the estranged granddaughter of Missouri Moseley, a psychic the Winchesters called a friend. They learn from Missouri that her family's in danger and she asks that they protect them.

Patience was told that her grandmother was a fraud and abandoned them. However, her father had lied to her because he lost his wife and blamed his mother. Patience soon learns that she herself has the psychic gift but tries to hide it, but eventually she has to reveal the truth to save lives.