about supernatural: season 12

Supernatural is a television series that premiered in 2005 and has finished it's 12th season! The series centers on the adventures of the Winchester brothers who hunt demons, witches, angels, and other supernatural entities. Sam (portrayed by Jared Padalecki) and Dean (portrayed by Jensen Ackles) face many big monsters and end of the world disasters, and season 12 is no different.

In Season 12, the Winchester brothers receive a gift from Amara, the return of their mother, Mary. Sam and Dean are shocked but happy to have their mother back. But Mary is overwhelmed and chooses to leave to figure things out.

Meanwhile, the British Men of Letters have become fed up with the American hunters. They believe it is their duty to neutralize them and have them under their rule.

Sam and Dean are wary of the Brits, but Mary wants a peaceful life and feels that they can offer that. However, things don't go quite as smoothly as promised...


Jared Padalecki ... Sam Winchester
Jensen Ackles ... Dean Winchester
Misha Collins ... Castiel
Mark A. Sheppard ... Crowley
Samantha Smith ... Mary Winchester
David Haydn-Jones ... Arthur Ketch
Adam Fergus ... Mick Davies
Ruth Connell ... Rowena
Courtney Ford ... Kelly Kline
Elizabeth Blackmore ... Lady Toni Bevell
Shoshannah Stern ... Eileen Leahy
Lisa Berry ... Billie
Kim Rhodes ... Jody Mills
Adam Rose ... Aaron Bass
Theo Devaney ... Gavin MacLeod
Rick Worthy ... Alpha Vampire
Kathryn Love Newton ... Claire Novak
Katherine Ramdeen ... Alex Jones
Nels Lennarson ... Walt
Kerry van der Griend ... Roy